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Ajpac Major Appliance of South Florida Inc.

Commercial Air Conditioner Service

Commercial air conditioning is powerful equipment, and you need a powerhouse team to repair, replace and maintain it.

Ajpac Major Appliance of South Florida Inc. has been in business for many years and stands ready to service all types of commercial HVAC units.

Your cooling system can’t afford to go out on a hot South Florida day. We are a business like you and understand that a broken cooling system means expensive downtime. When you call us we come to you as quickly as possible to diagnose and fix your problem usually in the same day.

We offer reliable same day emergency service to get the cool air flowing again. As a locally-owned and operated commercial air conditioning company we will always have crews in your area. Every job we do comes with a workmanship guarantee, so you can call us with confidence. All of our technicians are factory-trained to the highest standards. And our company is licensed and insured. Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement Whether you need a new rooftop unit, split system, or heat pump, we can outfit your building with the right replacement.

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Our trained technicians look at your building capacity and can tell you quickly whether you need one that is the same size, smaller or larger. A unit that is too small and one that is too large will both work harder and less efficiently, resulting in a shorter lifecycle and higher bills. Now is the time to replace your old HCFC-22 (R-22) unit with a system that uses a newer refrigerant like R-410A. As of 2010, manufacturers have stopped making commercial air conditioning units that use R-22, and the supply of this refrigerant is becoming limited.

We can certainly charge yours, but would be happy to show you the wide range of newer and more energy efficient models on the market. Let us offer you unbiased information on popular commercial air conditioning brands and help you compare. We want to help you save on your cooling costs and put less stress on the earth’s fragile ozone layer. Our technicians are factory trained to work with all major brands: We can find one that meets your needs and fits your budget, and will install it with expert care. We have the skills and knowledge to evaluate your needs, give you a written estimate that is accurate and competitive, and then find the right capacity replacement unit. If you need a dedicated system for a server room or other unique purposes, we are the ones to call. We will help you avoid the most common mistakes in AC systems. A 10 percent loss of refrigerant can add an extra 20 percent on your monthly bills in peak season and it puts a strain on your unit to keep up with demand. The wrong sized installation can result from improper load calculation. That will not happen when you choose us for your commercial air conditioning. We account for room size, placement of windows, ceiling heights, equipment in use in every possible factor. Ductwork from cleanliness to proper sizing and air tight sealing. We will make sure that your air delivery system is safe and productive.

Air Quality Issues

Sick building syndrome is actually on the rise. The result of making buildings more energy efficient has caused allergens and toxins keep recirculating. Unhealthy air is a big drain on your workplace productivity and wears out sensitive equipment faster. We can solve the problem with professional filtration systems and other commercial air conditioning services. Reliable commercial air conditioning serivce was the first application of artificial refrigerants in the 1900s, and in South Florida it continues to be an absolute necessity for most businesses. Whether your application is retail store, office building or any other type of commercial location give us a call today.

Commercial Air Conditioner Service by Ajpac Major Appliance of South Florida Inc.

AC Service & Repair | Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami, West Miami, Little Havanna, Hialeah Gardens, Medley, & many other Areas.

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AJPAC Major Appliance of South Florida Inc.
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Phone: (305) 968-7305

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