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Air Conditioner Maintenance

AC maintenance keeps your air conditioner working properly and can help prolong the lifespan of the unit. Because it is an essential AC service for any homeowner, we offer a customizable AC maintenance plan. We can perform thorough inspections as often as you would like to check for any potential problems. We can also make routine adjustments and repairs to ensure nothing small becomes a large problem. Finally, we can also clean different elements of the unit. With many years of experience as AC systems specialists, the Ajpac Major Appliance of South Florida Inc. team is factory-trained to recognize the unique differences of each model and brand. Our up-to-date equipment and knowledge of new technologies allows us to stop problems before they start.


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Common AC Maintenance Issues:

Cleaning the Evaporator: All of the excess warm air is blown out of your home past the evaporator coils.

Often homeowners forget to change their air filters, so the dust, dander and hair build up can get stuck on the coils causing them to freeze.

Cleaning them annually during AC maintenance makes them more efficient and less prone to freeze. If you wait several years the unit is less efficient and the quality of the air you are breathing becomes very poor.

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Cleaning the Condenser:

These coils often get dirty from the outside environment. Typically located outside the home, the condenser can get clogged with lawn debris and dirt. In addition to lowering the efficiency of AC systems, any pollen or allergens built up in the system could be blowing into your home.

Recharging Refrigerant:

If you have an older unit, it probably uses Freon. Anything made after 2010 uses a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant. The most common brand is Puron. When your refrigerant is low, it needs to be recharged. This process can only be done by a trained professional. In some cases, low refrigerant is a sign of a leak in your system. Having it checked annually during AC maintenance can catch a problem before it becomes significant.

Testing Safety Controls:

There are a series of triggers throughout your AC system that detect when a problem is present. The triggers will shut down the system to prevent a major malfunction or safety concern. We test these during AC maintenance to ensure all are working properly.

General Inspection:

During AC maintenance, we will check every aspect of your unit. From the air ducts to the wiring, we will ensure that every part is fully operational and not beginning to deteriorate. We have found that beginning an AC maintenance plan at the time of installation is best to prolong the lifespan of the unit, but starting a plan at any time can reduce the number of repairs needed in the remaining life of the unit.


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The Benefits Not only can an AC maintenance plan prevent the need for costly repairs, it can also help your unit to run more efficiently.

Air Condition Gauges, Repair, Maintance, ACBy tightening electrical connectors and cleaning the different parts of the system, the machine will run almost like new. This can save you a great deal of money over the years on your utility bill. In addition, it can also delay the need for replacement. Many new air conditioners are expected to last approximately 10 years. Without regular maintenance and especially in the humid South Florida heat, this could be far less. Replacing an AC is a costly endeavor that often catches homeowners by surprise. With a regular maintenance plan, we will be able to tell you a couple of years in advance that it is time to start saving for a new unit.

Ajpac Major Appliance of South Florida Inc. is equipped to maintain all major brands of air conditioners. Our number one priority is customer service, so you can count on us to do everything within our means to make the experience a great one. Call us today for information on our customizable plans.


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