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The foundation for AJPAC Major Appliance of South Florida Inc. began 13 years ago,when Alexander J. Pumarada was working for several air conditioning and heating companies in Miami, Florida he was quick to learn the technical information needed to be the top performer with HVAC installation certification. It was clear to him that many of the service professionals were getting the job done but the customer were not satisfied or often unhappy with installs, air flow, configuration and communications. Alex decided to spend the next 10 years working with all types of customers, A/C system and heat pumps to really find out what really earns customer confidence. In 1999, Alex decided to start his own business in the A/C, refrigeration & major appliance repair and service industry.

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What was most important to Alex was to:

  • Listen to customer requirements
  • Diagnose then repair or install requirements
  • Get the job done right the 1st time
  • Communicate with the customer what was addressed and how
  • Follow-up to make sure the customer was satisfied

I built my business to service large and small businesses, residential and commercial customers. I take the time to educate my customers and get the job done right the first time so that the customer will feel confident that the work has been performed in a professional manner. Throughout the history of Ajpac Major Appliance of South Florida Inc. we established an excellent record of exceptional service. Our on-going maintenance and support track record is delivering service quality the 1st time on the job. Give us a call with your repair and service needs for your central A/C and heating systems with our exceptional guarantee, how can you go wrong?

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